Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dinner Treat

My wife's friend from Sabah was in town recently. She came with her husband and stayed at Melia Hotel KL. Their names are Hamidon and Fida.

The reason they were here was because the husband had to attend training while the wife wanted to do  some shopping for her business in Sabah.

Melia Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Earlier that day, my wife accompanied her friend to shop in KL . They really shopped till they dropped. It was an absolute eye opener for her. Here's why :-

First, she gets to expand her knowledge about the roads in KL. Secondly, improve her driving skills, and brace the KL horrendous traffic and lastly and most importantly, she gets to explore all the shopping hot spots in KL.  This is heaven for her as she loves shopping!. Now, she's thinking of another project to support her training business during its off peak period.

That night, I had the opportunity to meet up with the couple at their hotel. They are really friendly and down to earth person. Very cheerful and loving couple.

From our conversation, I have learnt that they are not actually from Sabah. They are originally from Klang. They moved to Sabah in 2004 and fell in love with the place. They still maintain their house in Klang.  They did not rent it out though due to bad experiences and kept the house as in its original condition. They only brought some clothes and their car to Sabah. (And their kids of course!)

En Hamidon was sharing with me about the membership that they had with Melia hotel. The hotel apparently offers a very good programme for their membership. It includes a 2 night stay at the hotel, 2 free meals for 2 at the hotel restaurant, a myriad of discounts of up to 70% discounts. On top of that, a free usage of its gym and other facilities. And the best part is, all these only costs a mere RM588 per annum.

The couple treated us to a buffet dinner at 'The Kitchen ' restaurant that night.



The restaurant was nicely decorated in black and white d├ęcor. Unfortunately, I was wearing the exact colour scheme that night, and my wife kept teasing me how well I camouflaged into the surrounding. She seriously couldn't find me at one point of time!

The food was fantastic. As a  Muslim, it is good to know that the hotel restaurant has a halal status. So you could enjoy your food with absolute peace of mind.

Of course, I helped myself to the more exquisite and expensives dishes, such as:

Sushi ...

Lamb racks


The dim sum


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