Sunday, March 18, 2012

The End of School holidays

In the name of Allah, the merciful. 

The 1 week school holidays ends today.

Schools in Selangor will be opening tomorrow.

The traffic will switch back to its original congested mode.

Riding down the road on my motorbike to work during school holidays was really enjoyable as there are few cars on the road.

This was because many people are already on holidays with their family. Mostly, outside of KL area.

For the state of Kelantan, Kedah and Terengganu, schools are open today. I didn't get a chance to call my son, Imran, to ask about how he was doing.  There has been a lot of work at my office lately.  A higher bar of expectation has been raised on our performance for this year. 

Before the school holidays, my company had given out bonuses to all staff for last year’s performance.  Alhamdulillah.  The amount was not as much as compared to last year’s, but as for me, the amount is what Allah has set for me and i'm very grateful to Him for that. A lot of people are getting lesser than me. 

Of course, during this time, issues about unfairness of the bonuses quantum or proportionality crop up. It is hard to effectively measure the level of one’s performance with the reward system. 

Is it fair for a manager earning RM50,000 a month to receive the same quantum of three months’ bonus as his  junior staff who earns RM2,500 a month.  The answer is up to the individual to judge.  I myself do not have the answer. 

I think the real issue here is about an individual dealing with his own expectations. As for me, my expectation is simple. The  amount that i received has been pre-determined  for me by Allah. As a Muslim, I believe that everything happens with Allah’s permission as stated as one of our Pillars of Faith called Qada' & Qadar.

Every day, in our prayers, we pray for goodness and happiness in our life. Sometimes goodness and happiness come in small packages. 

There is a sign on how you could identify whether your life is bless by Allah. First is having a good wife, second, a good home and lastly a good transportation for you to go around. This three things, if its bring headache or sorrow to you, then maybe something is wrong and you need to recheck again your relationship with Allah. Of course, this sign are not meant for bachelor kind of person. 

Speaking about expectation, today i had a maths class for standard 2 & standard 3 students which age group are at 9 and 10 years old. 

I got this expectation that this group of students is a type of naive person, an obedient, shyness, and sometime talkative. But never in my mind, i imagine this kind of group to instil sort of sarcastic, outspoken, bullying and harassment elements. 

Actually, i'm not referring to all the student in the group. It is only involving one or two person. The way they communicated i similar to the host of gossip shows. 

Some of her statement :

" Oh teacher, she is truly stupid because she is always lazy to memorise her calculation."

" Oh teacher, in this class, there is one girl different among the others. All of us is wearing veil, only "she" not wearing one"

" Oh teacher, you also strange as you are a man while all of us are girls"

"Oh teacher, i am the smartest among all as they are all lazy to do their school works"

I know this is just words coming from kids. To come across something like this is a first for me and it is beyond my imagination. It stun on my reflexes  to responses toward  the incident. 

I know that as a teacher and as an adult, i should reprimand the student for saying unaccepted words  toward other student by explaining what she had said is wrong. 

But as a man, we are a kind of a species which could not multi-task ... hihihi...:) (It is a fact or a statement...hmm)

As my focus is more towards the subject which i'm currently teaching, i  kinda forgot to add the elements of 'attitude' goodness in my teaching. 

I will improve this in my next class. I had a discussion with my wife on how we can overcome this situation if accounted in the future. Hopefully it will turn well. 

p/s : The benchmark of my teaching = I do not teaches my students in anger as anger is one of the attitude of the Satan. And i remember about what the prophet Muhammad pbuh saying that it is not complete the faith of a person who do not love children.



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